The scientific and technical journal “BULLETIN OF ALMATY UNIVERSITY OF POWER ENGINEERING AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS” was founded in 2008 and is a periodical publication of the non-profit joint-stock company “Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications named after Gumarbek Daukeev”.


логотип Вестник АУЭС

ISSN 1999 - 9801

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The procedure for the drafting of manuscripts processing

1. The correspondent author sends a manuscript and a full set of accompanying documents through the personal account of the journal website.

2. The editors conduct a formal check of the completeness and compliance with the requirements for paperwork, the content of the manuscript to the requirements for publications in the scientific and technical publication, the compliance of the content of the article with the thematic focus of the Journal.

3. Based on the results of a formal audit, the Editorial Board takes one of the following decisions within 10 working days:

3.1 accept the manuscript for consideration (status - “Accepted for consideration”);

3.2 return for minor revision (status - “Returned for revision”);

3.3 refuse publication due to non-compliance (status - Denied publication);

Manuscripts accepted for consideration are included in the register of received documents with the date of receipt on the Journal website.

Manuscripts returned in accordance with clauses 3.2 and 3.3 are accompanied by editorial comments.

4. Accepted for consideration manuscripts according to p 3.1 pass the procedure of depersonalization, they are assigned a code that is used in the depersonalized registry with further editorial processing.

5. Anonymized manuscripts are submitted to technical editors for spelling and grammar checking. The duration of the stage is 10 working days.

6. Edited manuscripts are submitted for work to two (or more) reviewers. In the author’s personal account, the manuscript receives the status “in Review”.

Manuscripts are reviewed for 15 business days.

7. Reviewers make one of the following recommendations:

7.1 Recommend the manuscript for publication. Status - “Recommended by reviewer A (B).”

7.2 To turn over the manuscript for minor revision (with comments and remarks) (status - “Returned for revision”)

7.3 Deny publication (with comments) (status - “Excluded from consideration”)

8. Accepted manuscripts according to clause 7.1 are transmitted to the web designer for the layout of the next issue of the Journal (status - “Received for printing”).

9. The manuscripts returned according to clause 7.2 should be corrected taking into account the comments of reviewers and sent for re-consideration through the Journal website within 15 working days. At this stage, an impersonal polemic between the author and the reviewer through the Journal website is allowed (for more details, see the Personal Account section).

10. The revised manuscripts according to clause 7.2, if finally, at least two positive reviews are included in the next issue of the Journal (status - “Recommended for publication”).

11. The final decision on the publication of the manuscript is made by the editor-in-chief (or the person acting as editor-in-chief).

12. After receiving the “Accepted for Printing” status, the author should transfer the payment of editorial expenses within 5 (five) banking days.

The payment procedure is in the "Fees and Payments" section of this site.