The scientific and technical journal “BULLETIN OF ALMATY UNIVERSITY OF POWER ENGINEERING AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS” was founded in 2008 and is a periodical publication of the non-profit joint-stock company “Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications named after Gumarbek Daukeev”.


логотип Вестник АУЭС

ISSN 1999 - 9801

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The list of documents sent to the Editorial Office through the "My Account"

1. The full text of the manuscript with a volume of 9-11 pages, including cited components - lists of literature in the original language and in Latin, annotations and keywords in the manuscript language and in the English translation made in full in accordance with the design requirements (see below) in Word and PDF with signatures of all authors on each page of text.

2. Information about the authors in Kazakh, Russian and English (see templates of accompanying documents). For foreign authors in English.

3. An expert opinion on the possibility of publishing the manuscript in an open press (scanned copy) (see templates of supporting documents) with expert signatures, certified by the head of the scientific organization.

4. The recommendation of the head of the scientific unit, in which the research (department for faculty) is performed, certified at the place of work of the first (or corresponding) author in any form.

5. For each author (co-author) of a student Of Master’s Degree or PhD programs, the list of required documents sent to the Editorial Office, additionally, includes the recommendation of the student’s supervisor in any form, indicating the theme of the final thesis (dissertation) and specific personal contribution to scientific research.