The scientific and technical journal “BULLETIN OF ALMATY UNIVERSITY OF POWER ENGINEERING AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS” was founded in 2008 and is a periodical publication of the non-profit joint-stock company “Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications named after Gumarbek Daukeev”.


логотип Вестник АУЭС

ISSN 1999 - 9801

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General ligations and responsibilities of the authors

Authors are required to provide objective explanations of the significance of this research work.

The presentation of inaccurate or knowingly inaccurate conclusions is unethical and unacceptable. The founder of the journal and the editorial board are not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the authors of the studies.

The author, sending the manuscript to the journal, assumes personal responsibility for the originality of the research, the accuracy and accuracy of the data he cites, as well as for the placement in the manuscript of data that are not the subject of an open publication.

The authors guarantee that they have exclusive rights to use the materials submitted to the journal.

In case of violation of this guarantee and presentation in connection with this a claim to the founder of the journal or the editorial office of the journal, the authors independently and at their own expense undertake to settle all claims.

The founder of the journal and the editors are not responsible to third parties for violation of the guarantees given by the authors.

Submission of identical manuscripts to more than one journal at a time is also unethical and unacceptable.

With co-authorship, any of the co-authors must reach full agreement with other co-authors regarding the final version of the manuscript and accompanying documents and its submission for publication.

The source of funding (if any) should be announced and its role in the research should be indicated.

Directions of materials for publication in the journal “Bulletin of AUPET” means the authors agree with the above obligations.